Graduation Day Ceremony

NLI Fellows present gift to NLI Faculty and Staff after graduation ceremenoy. Left to Right: Rosalba Rolón, (NALAC Board Member and Institute Faculty), Artistic Director of Pregones + Puerto Rican Traveling Theater, New York, NY; Tomás Ybarra-Frausto, Ph.D. Independent Scholar of Latin American and U.S. Latino arts and culture, San Antonio, TX; Paula Sanchez-Kucukozer, Lead Organizer, SonJarocho.Mx, Bayside, NY; Ismanuel Rodriguez Soto, Artistic Director & Co-producer, Tantai Teatro PR, San Juan, PR; Niurca Marquez, Artist-Researcher, Miami, FL; Daniel Flores Anguiano, Palmetto Luna Arts, Columbia, SC. Photo Credit: Luis M. Garza
Gonzalo Casals delivers his keynote address during the NALAC Leadership Institute Community Keynote Address Center: Gonzalo Casals, Director of the Leslie-Lohman Museum, New York, NY.

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